Auto Dialer Debt Collection Software

Acqueon is your cloud solution to modernize and digitize your collection operations for increased debtor contact and debt recovery rates. Turn collections into a lifecycle activity that contributes to a better customer experience and retention.

Start with a Dialer

An auto dialer is your shortest path to improving connect and recovery rates. Predictive dialing increases outreach and connection rates by 4x, shifting an agent’s time and focus from trying to connect to providing exceptional service. This enables personalized debt assistance and important opportunities to provide education about debt management, credit & and overall financial health.

Omnichannel Collections

Acqueon lets you optimize your channel mix, including voice, 2-way SMS, and email to engage customers. Acqueon for Collections and Recovery includes a best-in-class auto dialer that maximizes agents’ occupancy and connect rates. The software includes controls to stay compliant with the various collection and privacy regulations.

CDP-Powered Segmentations

Using Acqueon’s built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can assemble comprehensive customer profiles including transaction history, payment records, and past interactions with detailed disposition options. Acqueon provides the tools needed to segment debtors based on their propensity to pay, communication preferences, and responsiveness to payment reminders so you can tailor engagement workflows and increase payments collected.

Harness AI & Analytics

Acqueon’s CDP has a rich data model that feeds statistical and predictive models including Best Time to Call, Best Channel to Use, Propensity-to-Pay, and likely response to reminders. You can leverage these analytics to optimize your resource allocation and maximize Right-Party Contact rates.

Empathetic Engagement

Today’s collections must include assistance to customers facing financial hardship. These interactions must demonstrate empathy and personalization which can convert distressed customers to trusting relationships. Empathetic engagement throughout the customer journey increases retention, NPS & CSAT outcomes, and Acqueon empowers debt collectors with customer context, emotion signals, and guidance to offer the best possible experience. After-call work automation and smart workflows through campaign chaining also improve their efficiency.