Improve Patient Engagement from Pre-Encounter to Post-Encounter

Leading providers understand that in order to thrive in today’s healthcare environment, they must take a complete view toward patient management—from pre-appointment engagement, to patient education, through treatment, and onto discharge and follow-up. Acqueon Patient Assist leverages the entire Acqueon portfolio to deliver a personalized, compliant solution that is fully tailored to the patient.

Enhance Patient Management with Acqueon Patient Assist

To meet and exceed patients’ expectations, providers must deliver the best patient experience across the entire care continuum — before, during, and after clinical encounters.

  • Patient Engagement from the First Appointment
  • Self-Service That Works for Patients
  • Post-Care Follow-Up and Payments
  • Built-In Compliance Across All Interactions

Streamline Patient Engagement from the First Appointment

A great patient experience starts well before patients arrive for their appointments. Acqueon Patient Assist makes appointments easy to schedule and manage for both patients and providers. 

  • Enable better patient experiences with engagement leading up to and after appointments 
  • Let call center agents schedule clinic consultations, procedures, diagnostics, and follow-ups
  • Allow providers to quickly launch automated voice, text, or email reminders to keep patients on track
  • Relieve practitioners from administrative tasks and reduce nurse overload
  • Enable secure access to patient information and appointment history
  • Integrate with Epic & Salesforce to quickly surface patient information, saving staff lookup time

Self-Service for Easy Patient Access

Today’s patient is a consumer too, so healthcare providers need to deliver consumer-grade services, including self-service. Acqueon Patient Assist includes access to Acqueon’s API Hub, which enables providers to build self-service workflows simply and with compliance.  

  • Remove time-intensive and costly phone calls and enable patients to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments at their convenience
  • Integrate with nearly any voice or digital self-service platform
  • Leverage any interactive voice response (IVR), chatbot, or interactive virtual agent (IVA)
  • Enable easy appointment scheduling/rescheduling, prescriptions/refills, and automated callbacks 

Ensure Post-Care Follow-Up and Streamline Payments

Top healthcare providers know that patient engagement doesn’t end after an appointment. Acqueon Patient Assist makes it easy for providers to stay engaged with patients well after their appointment or treatment. 

  • Providers can quickly schedule follow-ups to ensure patients stay on track with their treatment 
  • Providers can instantly send reminders and billing notifications to keep patients up to date 
  • Providers can easily launch billing and collections campaigns allowing them to focus on patients 

Compliance Across All Interactions

Built with compliance and privacy in mind, Acqueon Patient Assist never stores data and ensures that all access to Epic or other systems is secure—no matter where the interaction takes place. 

  • Ensures all patient outreach and communications comply with federal and state regulations 
  • With built-in compliance, providers always remain in compliance with regulatory requirements