Proactive Customer Engagement: Acqueon Campaigns

Add Acqueon's advanced campaign manager to any Contact Center. Acqueon Campaigns supercharges revenue outcomes from Sales, Collections & Service while keeping you compliant. Transform proactive consumer engagement with intelligent omnichannel campaigns, workflow automation & predictive analytics.

Improve Human Engagement with Consumers & Increase Revenue Results

B2C enterprises are challenged to effectively engage with consumers to drive revenue generation (sales, expansion & retention) and revenue recovery (first-party collections).

That’s where Acqueon fits.

We solve consumer engagement challenges and deliver BIG revenue outcomes using AI-powered revenue intelligence to increase Right Party Contacts & Agent Productivity.



Powerful Omnichannel Campaigns for Proactive Revenue Generation, Collections & Customer Retention

Maximize customer contact rates by contacting people on their preferred channel (voice, SMS/messaging or email) at the exact time they’re most likely to answer. Acqueon offers full dialing options–Preview, Progressive, Predictive & Agentless–for the best mix of live agent, agent-assisted & automated campaigns.

Fully Integrated Call Compliance

Always stay safe & compliance-ready. Our built-in Acqueon Compliance checks (in real-time) for any new contacts your campaigns must avoid. Keep compliant with TCPA, DNC, FDCPA (aka “Reg F”), GDPR, CCPA & extensive local regulations with simple, built-in campaign controls. Use the included Right-to-Know & Right-to-be-Forgotten workflows/reporting to round-out complete campaign compliance.

Optimized Campaign Execution

Acqueon Campaigns is an intelligent workflow engine guided by automation and predictive algorithms that increase Right Party Contact rates & improve revenue outcomes. Fuel campaigns with revenue intelligence, AI, and smart prioritization rules that define who gets contacted, how/when to reach out to customers & how re-try sequences are executed. Use Next Best Action intelligence to deliver personalized engagement experiences that get results and strengthen brand trust. Need to modify a campaign? It’s easy and fast using the intuitive Campaign Builder.

Intelligent Campaign Design

Connect to all your data sources using native CRM/EHR integrations & connect to your custom apps/file imports using APIs. Acqueon’s ingestion engine onboards & consolidates any number of data sources into our built-from-the-ground-up data engine. This engine is the foundation of Acqueon’s advanced campaign manager, contact/list segmentation capabilities,  predictive models (Best-Time-To-Call, Best Channel to Use) &  propensity models (Propensity to Pay, Propensity to Buy).