Campaign Manager, Real-Time Conversational Intelligence & Epic EHR Integrations for Genesys Cloud CX

Powering cloud transformation and revenue outcomes for Genesys customers with advanced outbound campaign and list management use cases.

Acqueon for Genesys Cloud CX: Solution Highlights


Acqueon is Now an AppFoundry Partner

Acqueon's native integration for Genesys creates personalized customer experiences that generate revenue, increase collections & improve loyalty. Convert every customer interaction into growth & revenue.


AI-Powered Real-Time Conversational Intelligence

Acqueon AiQ expands conversational intelligence options for Genesys customers. Add AiQ's real-time agent guidance, coaching & automated QA Suite for fast agent performance & productivity improvements.


Seamless Access to Patient Data in Epic

Complete, easy access to patient data in Epic for live agents and self-service bots. This leading Epic Connector is proven to reduce Average Handle Times & increase First Call Resolutions. Give patients the digital-first, instant-gratification experiences they expect in the "consumerized" healthcare era.


Big Revenue Outcomes for Proactive Customer Engagement & Outbound Campaigns

Acqueon Engagement is the only advanced campaign manager powering proactive omnichannel consumer engagement with 360-compliance adherence. It’s how customer-obsessed B2C enterprises do outbound intelligently. Seamlessly integrates with Genesys Cloud CX and also brings Acqueon’s easy-to-use widgets inside the unified agent desktop: Customer Profile, Multi-Campaign Disposition, Privacy Compliance & Campaign Info widgets.


Acqueon AiQ: Real-Time Conversational Intelligence Suite

Agents convert & collect more saying the right thing at the right time, on every call with Acqueon AiQ, our AI-powered Real-Time Conversational Intelligence Suite. Expands Cloud CX conversational intelligence options with real-time Agent Guidance, Coaching & Live QA/automated call scoring on 100% of calls.

Imagine how much more effective your agents could be…


Reduce Costs & Generate ROI from Customer Engagement

Decrease Average Handle Times (AHT), improve First Call Resolutions (FCRs) & optimize agent productivity with intuitive workflow automation. Revenue outcomes are accelerated managing proactive customer communication in one unified tool.


Simplify Advanced Omnichannel Campaign Strategies

Proactively engage with customers or patients using voice, SMS, & email messaging. Campaigns leverage live agents + automation (voicemail drops & conversational bots).


Built for Comprehensive Compliance

Acqueon’s platform is built for compliance across outbound & omnichannel customer engagement. Prevent costly compliance risks with built-in 360-Compliance for TCPA, CCPA, CFPB, FDCPA, GDPR, Ofcom + Fed/State regulations.


Improve the Full, Omnichannel Customer Journey

Proactively and continuously engage with customers, patients & citizens through the lifetime of the relationship; easily automate follow-up sequences and define chained campaign sequences. Execute outbound voice + digital campaigns with the most precise targeting & unmatched personalization.


Convert Proactive Engagement to Revenue — Activate Acqueon for Genesys Cloud CX