Lead the Revolution in Agent Performance with Real-Time Agent Guidance

Confident, empowered agents deliver exceptional customer experiences and increase conversion rates with every conversation. Acqueon Guidance leverages AI to help enterprises unleash the agents’ full potential through behavioral coaching, knowledge, and automation.

Meet Acqueon Guidance, powered by Cresta

Acqueon and Cresta have partnered to help B2C enterprises better engage their customers and optimize the effectiveness of every customer interaction. Once customers are engaged, Cresta’s powerful real-time intelligence capabilities identify the behaviors of top-performing sales and service representatives and help support and guide all representatives to ideal performance on every interaction – in real-time. This maximizes the effectiveness of every interaction and improves business performance and efficiency.


Key Benefits

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Customers want you to respect their time and resolve their issues quickly – exceed their expectations by empowering agents with important information, context cues, and helpful guidance – all in real-time.
  • Train and Onboard Agents Faster: Get new agents ramped up 75% faster so CX and contact center metrics don’t suffer. Are new agents impacting your contact center’s productivity and outcomes? Not anymore.
  • Increase Conversions and Revenue: When agents say the right thing at the right time, conversions, revenue, and retention rates skyrocket.
  • Achieve 100% Compliance: The importance of compliance in the contact center can’t be overstated. Avoid compliance risks with real-time corrections that guide agents through every step of the conversation.

Unleash Agents’ Full Potential with Contextual Coaching

Say goodbye to generic scripts. Acqueon Guidance equips agents with dynamic, context-aware hints, reminders, and workflows. Each interaction becomes a learning experience, with real-time suggestions based on proven success strategies. This contextual coaching fosters confidence and empowers agents to navigate any situation with expertise, from day one.


Streamline Service with Instant, Accurate Knowledge

Stop wasting time searching for information. Unify your knowledge sources and provide agents with instant access to accurate, up-to-date answers directly within the conversation flow. Just-in-time knowledge eliminates the need for frustrating searches and enables agents to resolve issues quickly and consistently, minimizing customer transfers and hold times.

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