Acqueon Engagement for NICE CXone

Add campaign management and proactive notifications to NICE CXone Personal Connection. Turn CXone into a powerful outbound communications hub for sales, service, and collections.

Add List & Campaign Management to Personal Connection

  • Quickly upload data from multiple sources, applications, and files into a ready-to-use customer data model
  • Data onboarding includes duplicate record resolution, data aggregation, and scrubbing
  • Enrich customer information with telephony dispositions and business outcomes
  • Easily segment and create campaigns on-the-fly with no IT support required

Seamless Integration with CXone

  • Bolster Personal Connection with campaign management and integrated compliance checks
  • Turn CXone into an omnichannel communications hub for voice, text, or email customer outreach
  • Unify agent and skills management for inbound and outbound operations under CXone
  • Provide an integrated agent experience within NICE CXone’s My Agent eXperience (MAX) agent interface

Optimize Campaign Execution

  • Compliance checks remove the complexities hindering practitioners, including conformance to TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and Ofcom regulations
  • Segment campaigns based on Prior Express Written Consent (PEWC)
  • Maximize agent productivity using Personal Connection proactive dialer with support for predictive, progressive, and agentless modes
  • Utilize AI-predicted Best Time to Call (BTTC), preferred channel, and propensity models (e.g. pay, churn) to optimize outcomes

Empower Your Agents

  • Let agents handle all outbound campaigns inside the My Agent eXperience (MAX) agent interface, leveraging a rich set of widgets
  • Automate post-call work and next best action workflows
  • Use CXone Omnichannel Routing to distribute contacts and leads through a unified skills system
  • Leverage CXone Universal Queue to support blended inbound and outbound operations