Outbound Member Engagement Software for Healthcare Payors

Effective member engagement outcomes start with proactive, outbound outreach and the ability to connect to members on their terms. Payors can fuel revenue-generation and healthier member outcomes with advanced, omnichannel campaign software.


Personalize Every Member Interaction

Consumers want their healthcare insurers to connect with them on a personal level. Acqueon enables payors to build & nurture meaningful engagement campaigns throughout the entire healthcare and treatment journey.


Bring Your Own EHR or CRM Platform

Leverage your technology investment by bringing your own EHR or CRM platform. Acqueon is easy to launch and integrates with virtually any EHR, CRM, or CDP to develop dynamic campaigns & address the issues that are most pertinent to your company today.


Comprehensive Compliance Suite

As a healthcare insurer, you have legal, professional, and ethical standards to meet while ensuring the safety and security of member data. Minimize risk and simplify regulatory compliance with DNC, consumer privacy and protection legislation, and other key considerations.


Prioritize Member Acquisition & Retention

Shifting from reactive to proactive communication and engagement helps healthcare payors acquire and retain customers while staying one step ahead of the competition. Acqueon’s omnichannel and proactive campaign management empowers payors to engage members with personalized campaigns over voice and digital channels. Automated response-based strategy changes make it simple for payors to communicate with members on their preferred channels for increased satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.


Manage the End-to-End Member Journey

Equip your agents with a unified, telephony-enabled dashboard complete with an EHR Connector for 2-way data communication and access to five Epic modules. Acqueon’s Member Engagement Data Platform gives you access to member information and historical journey data for a 360-degree view of the member. Easily automate doctor’s appointment reminders, delegate referrals, and much more, to ensure member compliance with their provider’s treatment plan.


Redefining the Patient Journey - PAYOR

Improve Lead Conversion Ratios & Agent-Member Interactions

Integrating with your CRM or EHR, Acqueon enables improved lead conversion ratios based on time zones. By targeting select subsets of your membership and complying with their contact preferences, you can run more successful outbound engagement campaigns. You can also capture customer-facing information through voice and digital channels while tracking response rates and automatically updating member records. Intelligent, AI-based call routing increases agent productivity and member satisfaction by automatically routing incoming calls to the agent(s) most suited to handle members’ needs.


Mitigate Member Risk

Acqueon enables payors to pinpoint insurance members with significant health risks and assign them to targeted campaigns. Our AI-powered conversational engagement cloud can even determine members’ preferred channel/time/date for increased campaign effectiveness. It can also send appointment reminders, prescription refill notifications, and more to keep members healthy and help mitigate preventable issues and reduce any associated care costs.


Achieve Your Member Engagement & Revenue Goals with Acqueon