Acqueon Desktop

Acqueon Desktop unifies agent desktops with computer-telephony integration (CTI), delivers seamless access to CRM and EHR applications, and provides a rich set of outbound capabilities. It enables your associates to make the most of every customer interaction.

Design the Agent Experience

  • Acqueon Desktop unifies the agent experience in the agent desktop of your choice
  • Acqueon Connectors bring inbound and outbound telephony to CRM desktops
  • Acqueon Widgets add outbound capabilities and customer contexts to contact center desktops
  • Acqueon APIs let you build your own custom desktop

Rich Feature Set

  • Acqueon Desktop includes a comprehensive set of widgets
  • Inbound and outbound telephony controls can be packaged inside a softphone or a toolbar
  • Agents have full control over their work state
  • Assistance widgets include call guides, customer profile, and customer journey visualization
  • Outbound widgets provide rich campaign disposition and workflows

Multi-CRM, Contact Centers, and Applications

  • Acqueon Desktop supports a wide range of platforms and applications
  • Contact center platforms include Amazon Connect, Avaya, Cisco, NICE CXone, and Twilio Flex
  • Support CRM applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and ServiceNow
  • Connect to EHR applications such as Epic
  • Integrate with custom applications using REST APIs

A Robust Pub-Sub Framework

  • Acqueon Desktop is built on a powerful publisher-subscriber (pub-sub) framework
  • Standardize telephony functions across communication platforms
  • Shield agent desktops from the cloud transition of your contact center infrastructure
  • Integrate complex environments with multiple communication platforms and applications