Acqueon CRM Connectors

Provide complete inbound and outbound telephony plus CTI across contact center platforms with Acqueon’s CRM Connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & more.

Ultimate Telephony Control

Acqueon CRM Connectors pack all telephony and agent state controls into the CRM desktop. The Acqueon exclusive widget design lets you customize your layout and insert custom action buttons.

Comprehensive Outbound Support

Acqueon CRM connectors provide you with access to Acqueon Engagement outbound capabilities including call guides, customer journey visualization, campaign workflows, and dispositions.

Powerful 2-Way CRM Integration

Acqueon 2-way CRM integration lets you click-to-dial or search-and-dial. Screen pop can be programmable for each call flow using a no-code application. Wrap-up and After-Call-Work are fully customizable and can be automated.

Multi-Platform CRM Connectors

Acqueon CRM Connectors work across all leading contact center platforms including Amazon Connect, Cisco, NICE CXone, Twilio & UJET. They support Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics out of the box using open APIs to get the job done right every time.