Founded in California in 1955, this not-for-profit regional health care provider operates four acute care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, three affiliated medical groups, and a health plan. This provider offers medical services in primary care, heart care, cancer, orthopedics, stroke/neurology, and many other areas.

Fast Facts:

  • 785,000+ Patients
  • 2,700 Affiliated Physicians
  • 19,000 Employees
  • HQ: San Diego, CA

Challenges Driving Change

Delivering care to nearly 30% of a large Southern Cali county’s 3M+ residents, this system has long been recognized as one of the area’s leading health care providers. As the company (and its wealth of patient data) continued to grow, pain arose from managing vast data and trying to develop outreach campaigns using disparate systems.

  1. Lacking Omnichannel Capabilities
    Their legacy campaign management solution couldn’t handle the campaign volume or level of complexity required to launch omnichannel campaigns.
  2. Too Much Data to Manage Effectively
    With patient data for over 27% of SoCal metro’s residents on the line, the company’s CRM system became overloaded, resulting in poor-performing patient engagement and re-engagement campaigns.
  3. Underperforming Collections Program
    On top of it all, they struggled to collect past-due invoices. Although the Collections program was functioning, it needed to be modernized and streamlined.

Revamping the Collections Program & Optimizing Compliance with Acqueon Engagement

It was evident that the company needed a new campaign management solution that would integrate with its existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Built-in compliance was another must-have, and a plus for the provider.

They learned Acqueon offered the only solution that didn’t require switching CRM systems and promptly signed on. Acqueon’s solution, Acqueon Engagement, was also configurable to their specifications, which would enable more flexibility and customization than the solution the provider used previously.

Acqueon helped them launch 27 Patient Contact Center (PCC) and 9 Patient Financial Services (PFS) campaigns just 16 months after kicking off the project. Today, this renowned health system hosts patient data in its CRM, which is used for campaign contact lists, automatically updated by Acqueon, and passed back to the CRM for a completely closed-loop, integrated solution.

Helping Health Care Heroes of All Sizes

With its robust, feature-rich omnichannel campaign management solution up and running, this large West Coast Health System saw immediate benefits, which included:

  • Advanced campaign flexibility for sending out large volumes of patient reminders
  • Complete compliance with DNC & critical government regulations
  • Reduced dependency on third-party vendors & corresponding cost savings
  • Vastly improved capabilities for patient self-service

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