We’re excited to announce that Acqueon has been named a notable vendor in The Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024 report by Forrester Research.

Forrester defines Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms as solutions that support company performance in a transactional revenue environment by optimizing marketing spend, pre-call preparation, in-call guidance, and post-call analysis. In today’s digital buying environment, where distractions abound, converting prospective customers is no simple task. Companies often grapple with poor visibility and lost connections to sellers, leading to wasted time and money. Real-time revenue execution platforms like those highlighted in Forrester’s report aim to address these challenges head-on.

The Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024 report provides an overview of the business value of real-time revenue execution platforms and an analysis of the market landscape. It lists 17 notable vendors, among which Acqueon is named.

For revenue leaders seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of real-time revenue execution platforms, Forrester’s report serves as a valuable resource. It provides insights into the differentiators among vendors and offers guidance on selecting the right partner based on size and market focus.

Our focus is enabling B2C enterprises to proactively engage with consumers to drive two high-value business outcomes: revenue generation and revenue recovery,” said Ashish Koul, Chief Executive Officer at Acqueon. “Acqueon is the only platform that efficiently helps B2C enterprises achieve these goals using revenue intelligence and built-in compliance to engage on the right channel at the right time— striking the optimal balance of automation and personalization.

For more information about Acqueon, explore our Revenue Generation and Revenue Recovery use cases.

You can also download the Forrester report, The Real Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024 to learn more (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase).