Acqueon has announced the launch of game-changing enhancements to its Conversational Intelligence capabilities, now available to all customers using the company’s leading Conversational Intelligence platform to enable proactive customer engagement. The highly-anticipated rollout includes AI-powered Real-time Agent Guidance, Real-time Agent Coaching & Real-time QA, all built directly into the platform. Named Acqueon Engagement Cloud, Acqueon’s Conversational Intelligence platform is integrated with the world’s top Contact Center, CCaaS, CRM & EHR solutions. The announcement came last week during Acqueon’s annual Sales Kick Off, where Chief Product Officer, Patrick Beyries, shared the exciting news with internal teams and Partners from around the globe.

“With the launch of our enhanced Conversational Intelligence, Acqueon is well-positioned to outpace the competition and charge into new, green-field markets. We’re a company that believes in the bold simplicity of our vision to fuel growth through powerful, trusted conversations.”

– Ashish Koul, CEO, Acqueon Technologies Inc.



Aligned with Acqueon’s vision to fuel growth through powerful, trusted conversations, expanding the platform’s existing built-in Conversational Intelligence is a natural and data-driven next step for the company. In his ground-breaking Keynote presentation, Beyries emphatically marked the AI enhancements as a force multiplier of the value Acqueon currently provides to the market. Calling the rollout a “huge pivot-point in the lifespan of Acqueon,” Beyries went on to detail how the addition of Real-time Agent Guidance, Coaching & QA will transform customer engagement outcomes. “With the launch of these AI enhancements, we’re now delivering not only the unprecedented contact center connection rates, personalization & productivity the market has come to expect from Acqueon, but also transformative revenue generation and retention outcomes plus conversational data that can be used across the customer’s entire company.”

A key value-component of the platform’s enhanced Conversational Intelligence capabilities includes a searchable, mineable database of textual-form conversation content that every team in the company can use to make stronger, data-informed decisions. Already being successfully implemented with a Beta group of Acqueon’s enterprise customers, the new and enhanced capabilities will now be available to all current and future customers.

During Acqeuon’s Sales Kick Off, held last week at the Hyatt Regency on San Francisco’s iconic Embarcadero Waterfront, CEO Ashish Koul shared his insights about Acqueon’s future. “From Day One Acqueon has operated with a future-focused mindset and an unwavering commitment to delivering the innovation not only needed, but demanded, by the Enterprise. Our success and continued growth have been fueled by our ability to stay aligned with our customers’ current needs and far ahead of the market’s fast-evolving future needs. With the launch of our platform’s enhanced Conversational Intelligence capabilities, we’re well-positioned to outpace the competition and charge into new, green-field markets. We are a company who steadfastly believes in the bold simplicity of our vision to fuel growth through powerful, trusted conversations. Our aggressive hiring plan through 2022 and 2023 is designed to accelerate the passion, hustle and innovation that’s propelled our growth and take us to extraordinary new levels.”

About Acqueon

Acqueon’s Conversational Intelligence platform enables proactive revenue generation and service for customer-centric companies by orchestrating omni-channel campaigns across voice, messaging & email channels. The platform, Acqueon Engagement Cloud, offers an advanced Campaign Manager powered by deep Conversational Intelligence capabilities and a rich Customer Engagement Data Platform. Using statistical and predictive models, as well as intelligent workflows, Acqueon helps enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation. Acqueon is trusted by 200+ customers and 110,000 agents, across industries, to increase sales, drive proactive service, improve collections, and establish customer loyalty. For more information, go to or follow us at