Acqueon, a leading conversational engagement software company, today introduced Acqueon Identity, a breakthrough solution enabling brands and consumers to authenticate each other. Acqueon Identity leverages components of Journey’s innovative Trusted Identity technology and uses smartphone onboard biometrics, facial recognition, and existing mobile apps combined with any enterprise offboard biometrics to enable trusted communications with consumers. The software, together with Acqueon Engagement, dramatically improves Right Party Contact rates and the performance of outbound campaigns. Acqueon Identity addresses the growing issue of unauthorized and robot calls with over 10,000 claims reported weekly to the FTC. The solution can also be used to authenticate incoming calls to contact centers and reduce fraud.

News Facts

  • Acqueon Identity uses the biometrics checks of mobile devices and the secured communication channel of a business’s mobile application to enable a brand to identify itself when calling a consumer.
  • Acqueon Identity uses Journey AI Trusted Identity technology that won two awards from Enterprise Connect in April: Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience.
  • In addition to receiving branded notifications of an upcoming call, the customer can use the mobile app to verify the authenticity of the message or request to callback at another time.
  • Acqueon Identity leverages authentication mechanisms already in place to avoid the introduction of new targets for hackers and to enable rapid deployment.
  • Acqueon Identity is integrated with Acqueon Desktop to also enable enterprises to authenticate incoming calls, supporting multiple contact center platforms and CRM applications.
  • Acqueon Identity is available now.

Supporting quotes

“Customer outreach is a top priority for enterprises looking to re-engage their customers after weeks of distancing. Mutual verification is a powerful way to enable trusted communications and increase the performance of their outreach efforts.”

– Ashish Koul, CEO, Acqueon Technologies Inc.

“We are thrilled to partner with Acqueon on our mission to simplify the creation of trusted digital relationships between a business and its customers. Our partnership with Acqueon is exciting because we were able to combine our software seamlessly to help enterprises make steep improvements in the performance of their outbound campaigns.”

– Brett Shockley, CEO and Co-Founder of Journey.

About Acqueon

Acqueon’s Conversational Intelligence platform enables proactive revenue generation and service for customer-centric companies by orchestrating omni-channel campaigns across voice, messaging & email channels. The platform, Acqueon Engagement Cloud, offers an advanced Campaign Manager powered by deep Conversational Intelligence capabilities and a rich Customer Engagement Data Platform. Using statistical and predictive models, as well as intelligent workflows, Acqueon helps enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation. Acqueon is trusted by 200+ customers and 110,000 agents, across industries, to increase sales, drive proactive service, improve collections, and establish customer loyalty. For more information, go to or follow us at