Across the globe, CIOs and IT leaders at top and mid-tier banks are re-imagining the customer journey lifecycle and investing significantly in digital-first, orchestrated & AI-fueled customer engagement strategies. Acqueon’s industry-leading Conversational Engagement platform is widely regarded as the top-performing solution for proactive, Enterprise-level customer engagement. Two of the top five banks and five of the top seven healthcare payors in the United States power proactive revenue generation, customer & patient engagement through Acqueon’s comprehensive solution & capabilities.

“It’s a powerful alliance…we’ve timed this partnership with precision. We’re giving banks an instant way to improve costs per every dollar collected and I couldn’t be more optimistic about where the Collections industry is heading.”

– Ashish Koul, CEO, Acqueon Technologies Inc.

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Today Acqueon announced a new Alliance partnership with Genpact, the top Global Financial Services BPO and Transformation Company for the Banking and Financial Services industry. The news included an update about the launch of a new, joint solution that brings Acqueon’s sought-after Campaign Manager and built-in, AI-powered Conversational Intelligence capabilities to Genpact’s global customer base.

Acqueon’s impressive Partner ecosystem continues to rapidly expand. Genpact and the likes of Cisco, AWS Connect, Avaya, Five9, Nice CXone, Presidio, Salesforce & many others have become fully aware that proactive customer engagement is the here, now and future of revenue generation and service.

Acqueon’s AI-powered platform is poised to further revolutionize the traditional “people-first” Collections model. The platform’s advanced Campaign Manager sits atop Acqueon’s AiQ solution; rich, built-in Conversational Intelligence capabilities including Real-time Agent Guidance, Real-time Agent Coaching & Real-time QA, plus, a Customer Engagement Data Platform. The latter bi-directionally feeds a company’s CRM and contact center solution with easily accessible & easily usable end-customer information, enabling everyone in the Enterprise organization to benefit from value-rich conversational data.

Acqueon’s offering for Genpact provides Banks and Financial Services institutions an efficient way to address rapidly changing customer preferences by inverting the traditional 80/20 people/technology operating cost structure. The result is reallocation of increasingly hard to hire, expensive human capital. Instead of technology supplementing people teams, it’s the other way around”. Coined as the “Zero-ops” model, the Acqueon + Genpact offering can reduce operational staff costs by 50-70% and banks can generate a 3-5% Loan Loss Release. For a top tier bank, a 3-5% improvement can carry an estimated value of approximately $220 million.

Using Acqueon’s unrivaled customer engagement solutions, Genpact’s Bank & Finserv customers have a disruptive new way to solve these mission-critical Collections challenges: under-utilizing technology, a fast-changing & increasingly restrictive regulatory landscape, the constant unknown variable of rapidly-evolving consumer behavior and the historic bias of addressing increased delinquencies by adding headcount.

Shared passion for disrupting and digitalizing the Collections ecosystem is underscored by tremendous enthusiasm from both companies:

  • “Partnering with Acqueon gives us a solution we can take straight to market to immediately address our customers’ pain points,” said Jason Osborne, Genpact’s Global Head of Consumer & Commercial Banking. As we near the halfway point of 2022, consumer debt delinquencies are on the rise; we’re asking every customer if they’re ready to deal with increased delinquencies without significant headcount increases. We believe the partnership between Genpact and Acqueon drastically minimizes the need for additional people costs and creates a massive advantage for Collections teams.
  • Acqueon’s CEO Ashish Koul echoes Osborne’s sentiment. He says, “Our partnership with Genpact accelerates our mission to fully transform the Collections & Recovery landscape; we’ve timed this partnership with precision. Acqueon’s state of the art voice + digital outreach capabilities, AI-driven modeling and Conversational Intelligence are generating vast improvements in omnichannel effectiveness and account segmentation. Genpact brings decades of domain experience in operations, analytics & modeling as well as business transformation. It’s a powerful alliance. We’re giving banks an instant way to improve costs per every dollar collected and I couldn’t be more optimistic about where the Collections industry is heading.”

About Acqueon

Acqueon’s Conversational Engagement platform enables proactive revenue generation and service for customer-obsessed companies by orchestrating outbound and omnichannel campaigns across voice, messaging & email channels. The platform, Acqueon Engagement Cloud, is comprised of an advanced Campaign Manager powered by built-in Conversational Intelligence capabilities and a rich Customer Engagement Data Platform. Using statistical and predictive models, as well as intelligent workflows, Acqueon helps enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation. Acqueon is trusted by 200+ customers and 110,000 agents, across industries, to increase sales, drive proactive service, improve collections, and establish customer loyalty. For more information, go to or follow us at