Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in proactive customer engagement management, has announced the release of LCM 4.1 – a new and improved version of its List and Campaign Management (LCM) solution. Powered by AI, Next Best Actions and Predictive Analytics engines, Acqueon LCM 4.1 makes it easier to personalize and streamline smarter, faster and multi-channel outbound marketing campaigns.

LCM 4.1 is now capable of handling over 5 million transactions within a single instance for a typical work day window of 10 hours. It can handle 8000 transactions across all channels per minute, and the enhanced SMS engine can process 8000 SMS transactions per minute in standalone mode. In this version, the administration interface supports five languages – French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

As a part of this announcement, Acqueon unveiled Right Party Connect Optimizer (RPCO) – a tool that uses AI and advanced analytics to calculate the right time, right mode, and the right channel for outbound campaigns. With an aim to boost productivity, Acqueon has also introduced predictive analysis capabilities that optimize daily outbound call schedules, making dialers more reliable and reduces call retry attempts and maximizes successful call connections.

“Modern customers expect experiences with businesses to be proactive, intelligent and contextual. They demand the right conversation in the right place, at the right time. It is why Acqueon has been ahead of the curve in ensuring our clients are always one step ahead with their customers. We give them the competitive advantage to astound their customers in today’s experiential economy”,

– Ashish Koul, President, Acqueon Technologies.

Some of its updated key features include:

  • Multiple email and SMS templates
  • LCM qualified with UCCE 11.6, to support high availability of dialer
  • Salesforce campaign integration and agent desktop with Lightning and Open CTI support
  • ITR Engine scalability improvement to handle high volume SMS transactions
  • Multi-campaign disposition (MCD) to improve the Right Party Connect ratio and agent productivity
  • Customer Journey Map to list past interactions across campaigns via all channels and relevant business/channel outcomes
  • Support for Amazon S3 – simple storage service for file sharing operations such auto / global upload
  • IVR throttling to monitor inbound agent queue and control IVR outbound campaign pacing

Additionally, Acqueon’s LCM 4.1 comes with a significant improvement in its existing features including auto-refresh real-time reports at a configured frequency, call outcome reports updated to show agent’s comments, an export option available for all historical reports, and new drill-down reports with granular details.

“LCM 4.1 offers a robust user interface for enterprises to manage their outbound campaign programs. With brand-new features, its performance capability has been increased by 60% – without any additional hardware footprint. Users can seamlessly engage with customers across multiple channels in a unified, highly productive, and cost-effective manner,”

– Ashok Raj, Vice President of Technology at Acqueon.

About Acqueon

Acqueon’s Conversational Intelligence platform enables proactive revenue generation and service for customer-centric companies by orchestrating omni-channel campaigns across voice, messaging & email channels. The platform, Acqueon Engagement Cloud, offers an advanced Campaign Manager powered by deep Conversational Intelligence capabilities and a rich Customer Engagement Data Platform. Using statistical and predictive models, as well as intelligent workflows, Acqueon helps enterprises maximize the potential of every customer conversation. Acqueon is trusted by 200+ customers and 110,000 agents, across industries, to increase sales, drive proactive service, improve collections, and establish customer loyalty. For more information, go to or follow us at