There’s a massive gap, a hole, between sales and marketing efforts surrounding lead response. It’s been there for a while, and it’s costing you money! Here’s why:

  • When reaching out to businesses with an inquiry, 86% of people want to talk with a human – not a chatbot. They want human interaction.
  • 89% of consumers and customers want to communicate via text, yet only 6% of businesses offer 2-way text conversations. Customers don’t want to be called, and 87% won’t answer a call from a number that they don’t know.
  • Businesses must engage prospects and leads as-quickly-as-possible (referred to as Speed-to-Lead), but their sales teams are often busy with other tasks. Moreover, 40% of leads come in after-hours and on weekends when there is no sales or marketing staff to respond resulting in lost opportunities.
  • Leads, prospects, and customers want to communicate on their terms when it’s convenient and suits their needs. They expect immediate engagement, personalized to answer their specific questions, and needs. Fail to do so, and they’re gone.

But what if you could address a customer’s/prospect’s expectations to communicate on their terms AND provide an instant response? Well, here’s the thing – you absolutely can via 2-way automated texting, as it enables the initiation of a conversation and the ability to also inquire about their preference for continued contact via text or a phone call! It also lets them know upfront why you’re contacting them, resulting in a more constructive and effective conversation.

To learn more about effective prospect engagement and speed-to-lead conversion rates, visit the Acqueon Engagement web page.