Many businesses use 2-Way SMS to keep their customers informed and engaged. With COVID, usage is booming.

Examples include healthcare and medical practices sending messages to patients to set-up and confirm their appointments. 2-Way SMS and engagement bot technology was heavily relied upon to proactively notify patients, pre-screen them, and to ensure that those with more critical conditions were seen immediately at the onset of the pandemic. Messaging can also be easily applied to retail to inform of availability and to offer the option for contactless pick-up.

Moving forward, there will be a sustained interest for 2-Way engagement. Many enterprises will continue to offer it as they now realize how essential it is for re-engaging with their customers and for doing business remotely.

The recent Spring release of Acqueon Engagement introduces the additional option of a conversational bot. It extends engagement possibilities by offering a natural dialog with customers and the option for the use of other messaging channels such as Whatsapp or Messenger.