While customer experience (CX) has taken a prominent role for businesses, do you really understand what customers want? Yes, you already know that providing an effective and effortless service is important, but what about how they feel?

Emotion is a key driver of CX, loyalty, and willingness to buy. Forrester’s research shows it’s the #1 factor in 20 out of 21 industries.

So, how do you discern what your customers say from how they feel? Enter Sentiment Analysis, also known as emotion AI, that reviews and analyzes all utterances, comments, text, etc. from each customer interaction. AI lets you score the sentiment of your customers (e.g. positive, neutral, negative) and further extracts emotions. It can identify and prioritize prospects most likely to purchase or those at risk of churning to re-engage them. The strategic significance of customer emotion is what led Acqueon to work closely with Amazon and leverage its Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) technology to feed our campaign management intelligence solution. There are a multitude of use cases where emotion AI can be applied, from equipping call center agents with customer disposition, mindset to uncovering and identifying sources of customer frustration.