On November 2nd & 3rd, I had the pleasure of attending Twilio’s 2022 Summits at SIGNAL. This in-person, invite-only event took place at the InterContinental Hotel in beautiful San Francisco, CA. Showcasing its Customer Engagement Platform and Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform, Twilio really rolled out the red carpet and made this event one that I (and the other attendees, I’m sure) will never forget. In fact, it was far and away the best event I’ve attended since joining the Acqueon team this year.


The first day centered around an elite group of executives and leadership from diverse industries to focus on how modern companies are leveraging customer engagement in a world that’s always evolving. The SIGNAL Vision keynote covered a timely topic relevant to everyone in the room—Twilio leadership, special guests & customers explored how companies are prevailing, despite growing challenges, to find, reach & retain customers.  It was simply amazing and inspiring. I was so fired up after it!

The networking events throughout the day gave me ample opportunity to spend time with the Twilio team, which was fantastic. That can be hard to do at large events and conferences, so I really appreciated how small and intimate The Summits event was. I was even fortunate enough to be able to meet with Twilio’s executive leadership team, and it was just great to meet in person and have meaningful face time with them. Shoutout to Lisa Martin, Raul Rincon & Bader Hamdan, some of the awesome Twilio Flex & Twilio Partner leaders I met, for the great conversation and for working with me and my teammates. I know I can speak not just for me but for Acqueon’s Global Head of Sales, Nick Adams, and our VP of Alliances, Manu Yegnaraman, as well when I say that after our discussions at Summits, we’re all even more ecstatic about the go-forward success of our partnership with Twilio!


The highlight of day two for me was the networking lunch. Twilio’s CEO, Jeff Lawson, was walking around and talking with everyone. Never in my life have I had the chance to shoot the breeze with a CEO of a company that’s listed on the stock exchange. That was just such a cool, unique opportunity and to me, a testament for how in tune Twilio leadership is with their partners and customers.

Aside from all the great networking, Twilio didn’t skimp on the “perks” for attendees. I find that the conference scene can get overdone with unmemorable extras, but not here. For instance, I was able to get a new headshot from the world-renown photographer, George Lange. He’s photographed everyone from Andy Warhol to Coolio to Mac Miller—so needless to say, it was an honor to be included among his subjects.

Lastly, I can’t forget the sessions—which covered everything from how retail and eCommerce leaders are creating lasting customer relationships with first-party data to lessons from American Jazz on vision, discipline & bravery. Each one I attended was entertaining, inspiring, and better than the last.

Other highlights include the interactive art installation, the customer shoe program, and evening entertainment by Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, Ben Harper. What’s the customer shoe program, you ask? It’s Twilio’s grassroots program to remind its team and customers that the company is striving to walk a mile in its customers’ shoes. Twilio provided custom-branded shoes to all attendees, so in exchange, I’ll be sending them a pair of my shoes that they’ll bronze and put in their office. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Definitely cannot complain about how the Twilio welcomed us and showed their appreciation for everyone who attended, but one of the best things about being out in San Francisco at the Summits last week was just the one-on-one time with their team and customers who were out there as well. As a newer member of Acqueon, these face-to-face opportunities are especially energizing. Who knows, maybe I’m still mentally emerging from being cooped up without travel or face to face interaction over the last few years, but the “in real life” meetings and meet ups again are priceless.  I can’t get enough!

My Twilio Summits Takeaway: Just the Right Mix of Personalized Swagger, Knowledge & Fun

During the two days at Summits, I learned so much more about the Twilio ecosystem and more importantly, how our companies can help customers be even more successful when we partner together. It’s no secret that Acqueon’s advanced campaign manager with built-in compliance takes the Twilio Flex Contact Center platform to a whole new level of value for customers, but beyond just products and solutions and cool features and functions, when our teams come together to critically think through how to solve in bigger, better, more innovative ways for the customer, that’s where the real potential for high-impact, long-term, big deal impact really lives.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I’m truly grateful to have had all the networking opportunities to continue building what will hopefully be long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships for both the Acqueon and Twilio teams. Until next time Summits!