In the last few years, customer engagement has transitioned from a collection of point outbound communications to a cohesive outreach, core to any CX strategy.  

Outbound was mostly used for sales prospecting, proactive service, and collections. It now covers the entire customer lifecycle, including new use cases such as digital and virtual selling, onboarding, and retention. Along the way, it became omnichannel with the best results obtained by combining voice and digital outreach. 

The delineation between inbound and outbound is also blurring. Callbacks are critical to handle call surges. In the digital world, more contacts are triggered by process exceptions, notifications, and escalations from self-service. It led Gartner to predict that the volume of outbound customer interactions will outnumber the volume of inbound interactions by 2025. 

We commissioned a 3-part webinar series by Sheila McGee Smith, a renowned contact center industry analyst, to explore the new world of conversational engagement. 

  • Episode 1 discusses how and why has conversational engagement emerged 
  • Episode 2 goes over conversational engagement success stories 
  • Episode 3 digs into what core capabilities define conversational engagement 

As we release these videos, we encourage you to share them and spread the word. 

Take a look at episode 1: Watch