There’s a massive, immediate need for wide-scale distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. As of February 3rd, 2021, over 32 million doses of the vaccine had been administered. Nearly twice that number of vaccines have been distributed. But only 10% of Americans have received both doses of the drug.

State and local municipalities, together with hospitals, small healthcare facilities, and pharmacies have struggled with efficient coordination, tracking, and management of vaccine dosage shipments. They’ve also encountered issues with accurate (patient) notification, scheduling, tracking of 1st and 2nd dose vaccination dates, and vaccine inventory. Also, factor in the need to maintain a consistent temperature for the vaccine and administer it before its expiration date, and the challenges become almost insurmountable.

So, what exactly do you need to effectively manage and streamline vaccine distribution, and prevent it from being a complete nightmare? Two words. Campaign management. Utilizing a campaign management solution lets you easily, securely:

  • Notify citizens at scale, and other segmented target groups, of changes in the vaccine policy, inform them of their eligibility, and schedule appointments
  • Schedule thousands of vaccinations per day with timely follow up of the second dose
  • Remind scheduled recipients of their appointments via automated confirmations and messages to minimize no shows, long queues, and wasted doses
  • Track, document, and report on all activities

Acqueon’s campaign and engagement solution alleviates the challenges and difficulties of vaccine distribution, as it manages all aspects of the vaccination workflow process.

To learn more about efficient, effective vaccine management – check out the Acqueon Vaccine Distribution solution brief.