Based out of North Carolina, this bank, while originally formed from the historic merger of two banks, is now one of the top ten biggest commercial banks in the country. With over 275 years of combined experience and now serving approximately 12 million households across the nation, this bank truly does it all. It offers a wide range of services including retail, small business, and commercial banking; asset management; capital markets; commercial real estate; corporate and institutional banking; insurance; mortgage; payments; specialized lending; and wealth management.

Fast Facts:

  • 55,000+ Employees
  • 2,100 Branches Nationwide
  • $555B in Total Assets
  • HQ: Charlotte, North Carolina

Determining the Best Cloud Contact Center & Outbound Solution

As the two former banks merged and combined their tech stack, the new entity needed to determine the best cloud contact center solution for its needs. Amazon Connect was carefully chosen as the cloud contact center, but the company was still in need of an outbound solution to drive its Collections and Sales operations. Another objective of the merger was to find a campaign manager that would seamlessly integrate with the bank’s current data management software.

Lacking Large-Scale Campaign Management Capabilities

With almost 12 million households to serve, the new bank now had to figure out how to scale its campaign management strategy to its massive new customer base across home, auto & personal loans, and credit cards.

Underperforming Collections Program

The company’s previous collections program wasn’t performing as well as it could have been. The program needed to be modernized (moved to the cloud) and streamlined for more effective operations and cost savings.

Needing a Platform with Advanced Dialing Modes

The bank needed to leverage a platform that offered advanced dialing modes (Preview, Progressive & Predictive) and built-in compliance features to better serve its customers because of the delicate nature of agent-customer conversations.

Modernizing Collections & Compliance with Acqueon Engagement

With Amazon Connect as its new contact center, the new bank was well-positioned to transition fully to the cloud. The final missing piece was a modern, cloud-based outbound campaign management system that could replace the company’s existing outdated software. Due to its trusted integration with Amazon Connect, it was clear that Acqueon was the single best outbound campaign management tool for proactive customer engagement.

Built-in compliance was another must-have, and Acqueon was uniquely positioned to handle the scale of the large lender, combined with the flexibility needed to manage changing regulations. The bank was no stranger to handling complex debt collection cases, so when its collections team discovered that Acqueon could keep its operation humming (and that it supported advanced compliance features), the decision was made.

Acqueon Engagement, the chosen campaign management solution, was configurable to the bank’s required specifications, which was another plus and would enable more flexibility and customization than the solution it was currently using. It was also able to be quickly set up, implemented, and operational, meeting the company’s goal of having outbound collections on AWS by March 2023.

Acqueon & AWS: A Winning Combination

With its robust, feature-rich omnichannel campaign management solution up and running due to Acqueon’s phased rollout approach, the new entity was able to realize instant benefits, such as:

  • Advanced campaign functionality for orchestrating large-scale Collections campaigns
  • Complete compliance with DNC and other critical government regulations
  • Reduced dependency on third-party vendors & corresponding cost savings
  • Improved self-service capabilities for banking customers

^ 4% Total Revenue Collected

^ 58% Customer Satisfaction

– 35% Time to Receive Payment

^ 21% Promise to Pay

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