STIR/SHAKEN is around the corner. On June 30th, the rules for showing who is calling will change forever in North America. The way your calls will be presented will dramatically impact the connect rate of your campaigns. Let’s go over the various options for branding your calls. 

In its simplest form, your call shows your Caller ID (CLID or ANI). It’s your 10 digits calling number. Most systems also offer the ability to add a 15- or 30-character Calling NAMe (CNAM). It needs to be set in your originating switch. 

STIR brings a much more powerful solution, Rich Call Data (RCD). RCD can include multiple fields including a display name, public URLs of your logo and website, and caller information. While this is all great for branding your calls, remember that what your customers will see will be governed by how much your originating service providers were able to verify your numbers. This is why we recommend auditing your phone numbers to understand how they are likely to be labeled as they go through the various interconnected networks. 

At Acqueon, we offer a third option through our Identity solution. If you have a mobile app, we can leverage its secured connection to your systems to pass branded notifications to your customers.  

Let our solution architects help you understand your options and put together your STIR/SHAKEN plan.  

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