For over a century, this insurance and financial services company has been committed to listening to its customers and supporting them through big life changes and transitions by providing insurance and an array of financial products. Serving individuals, businesses, and groups across the United States, this company is a Fortune 300 organization.

Fast Facts:

  • 6,300+ Employees
  • $6.8B in Annual Revenue
  • $44B in Total Assets
  • HQ: Omaha, Nebraska

Compliance, Campaign Management, and Lead Routing, Oh My!

This insurance and financial services company wanted to help more customers, but varying regulations from state to state made it difficult to manage compliance. Compliance checks were time-consuming and prone to errors because the company had to make all updates and changes manually. On top of causing friction, this made it impossible for the business to sell its products and services in 6 states – halting business growth.

The company also faced problems with its existing campaign management solution. It had a lack of features and offered little flexibility for planning, orchestrating, and managing campaigns. While this campaign manager once worked well for the company and its contact center agents, it was no longer serving the organization in a useful way, and it was clear that something needed to be done.

An unreliable and slow lead routing process was yet another issue for the company to troubleshoot. Unreliable lead routing means leads can be assigned to the wrong person, slowing down response times even more. With a broken lead routing process, the company faced declining sales conversion rates, decreased customer satisfaction, and lost revenue. It needed to improve the customer experience and put more energy behind lead generation as well.

Optimizing Critical Business Processes with Acqueon Engagement Cloud

So, Acqueon and its leading Conversational Engagement Platform stepped in. Acqueon is widely acknowledged as the most advanced and capable outbound dialer among enterprise contact center and CX leaders. Still, its capabilities extend far beyond its proven preview, predictive, and progressive dialing strengths. The Conversational Engagement Platform, Acqueon Engagement Cloud, features a built-in Compliance Suite, an advanced Campaign Manager, and more.

Compliance features, advanced campaign management capabilities, and strong integrations stood out to the insurance and financial services company.

There was now potential for the company’s state-level campaigns to remain compliant with DNC, TCPA, PWEC, and other regulations – automatically. That’s right, employees would no longer be responsible for manually ensuring compliance with government regulations. Acqueon’s automated compliance checks were a revelation.

Moving to Acqueon would also enable the company to improve its campaign management and lead routing processes. Other key use cases the company was focused on were voice and IVR interactions for sales and customer/lead follow-ups.

The Good Stuff – aka – The Results

The company quickly discovered Acqueon was the only solution on the market that didn’t require moving to a brand new contact center—and that Acqueon’s Conversational Engagement Platform could be set up, implemented, and operational in only a few months.

Acqueon helped this customer launch a new customer engagement and outbound campaign revitalization strategy by integrating the Conversational Engagement Platform into the company’s current contact center solution, Amazon Connect.

With a comprehensive, feature-rich Conversational Engagement Platform in place, the company promptly realized great benefits, such as:

  • Advanced campaign functionality and increased flexibility for planning & orchestration
  • Complete compliance with DNC and critical government regulations
  • Reduced dependency on third-party vendors & corresponding cost savings
  • Massively improved IVR capabilities for customer self-service

To date, the company has boosted total efficiency by 25%, improved customer satisfaction by 30%, and increased overall self-service by 47%.

Learn how you can improve experiences and retention with our Conversational Engagement Platform and Campaign Management solution, Acqueon Engagement.