Today’s customers are more comfortable than ever purchasing online, leveraging the phone and chat applications. Based on a Forrester prediction, 80% of B2B sales will be done digitally and remotely, with a similar trend happening for B2C. The outcome of this growing trend is that buyers have been conditioned to expect an instant response, too!

Many online purchases cannot be left unattended and sales reps need to be present or standing-by to assist prospects and to cultivate leads. The irony is that despite all the technology available to assist reps, they’re only spending 36% of their time selling and still manually doing multiple tasks such as prioritizing hot leads.

That last one, hot lead response – instantly connecting high priority leads to your inside sales team, can result in creating your next best customer. Why? Because a lead responded to (via a personal call) within 5-minutes is 100x more likely to result in connecting with the prospect than if attempted 30-minutes later. The point being, that half of all leads will go with the first provider to respond!

Speed-to-Lead is everything in an online world. And an effective hot lead response process requires an intelligent campaign management solution, one that automatically prioritizes all ‘hand-raising’ prospects and organizes them in a priority queue for processing before other ‘colder’ leads are processed.