One of the most challenging aspects of customer engagement is to reach them at the right time and on their terms (channels). This is what made Best-Time-To-Contact (BTTC) the holy grail of customer outreach.

Enter AI to find the best channel and the best time to contact (BTTC) customers. BTTC can be used to determine not just the best channel, and the best time to reach the intended recipient – but also the best phone number (e.g. office, mobile, home) to use. Acqueon AI models are built on a rich Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables three predictions to be made by contact and by 15-minute time increments:

  • the best channel to use at a specific point-in-time
  • the best phone number (if an outbound call)
  • the probability of a connection

A key point to understand about AI-based BTTC is that all predictions are appended to the data model and can be leveraged by the contact strategies.

One use case is predictive dialing. Using AI, you can replace legacy optimization based on the monitoring of the success rate of recent dialing attempts with a true prediction. You can pace your dialing based on the connect probability of the numbers on your dialing list.

True predictive dialing is just one of several strategies that can leverage AI-based BTTC.