From operations to guest experience to marketing, technology is changing everything in the hospitality industry. Traditionally, hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses were relatively simple spaces in people’s lives, where they can lay their heads away from home. But everyone knows that things changed so much over the last couple of years.

Customer experience has developed into the most critical brand differentiator, overtaking price and product. It is the “holy grail” that companies seek as a way to stand out, excel and gain a significant competitive advantage over rivals. Every business wants to find new and innovative ways to engage its guests. For companies that haven’t yet transformed themselves to adapt to this new age of personalization and multichannel customer engagement, it is a big wake-up call! Those who fail to keep up are at risk of being left behind.

According to studies, companies with the most robust omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel strategies. 67% of consumers are willing to pay more for a great experience, while loyal customers are seven times as likely to test an offering, and four times as likely to refer. Ultimately, embracing technology to provide consistent, seamless, and hyper-personalized experiences across multiple platforms and touchpoints (desktop computers, mobile devices, iPods, smartwatches, social media, etc.) isn’t a choice — it is now a necessity!


Eye opening facts

  • A moderate improvement in customer experience would impact the revenue of a typical $1 billion company an average of $775 million over three years.
  • More than 6,600 hotel guests who have collectively stayed at 25 brands across different hotel tiers to find out what makes a great hotel experience. ~ Deloitte
  • 81% of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to approach them.
  • 83% of travelers find social media a top source of inspiration when browsing online.
  • 84% of travelers want to be able to access information from anywhere in the world while they travel
  • Over 89% of the customers are getting frustrated as they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives.
  • 56% of the travel agencies cite data as the most significant barrier to delivering personalized experiences.
  • Good customer experience correlates with consumers’ willingness to repurchase, reluctance to switch, and likelihood to recommend firms. ~ Forrester


Major challenges

Rise of digital – Customers in this digital world are empowered with more information and less incentive to be loyal than ever before. They have a wealth of information about hotels/restaurants and multiple touchpoints to investigate the price and quality and then decide what to choose. It has created a diverse environment that requires constant and consistent customer engagement through countless touchpoints. Customers expect a seamless transition of interaction across all channels in most cases, allowing them to continue their engagement from where they left without starting from scratch.

Hyper-personalization – It is an era of hyper-personalization, and it is the central pillar of the guest experience. Guests expect hotels to remember their booking preferences, food habits, past reservations, and travel history and offer not only generic but relevant offers, room reservations, and loyalty programs based on their needs and preferences.

Lack of customer insights – The backbone of every customer engagement program is an accurate market segmentation based on customer analysis and insights. By identifying a target group, any company can effectively address the demands. Millennials are now a particular generation that has emerged as possibly the biggest market for the hospitality industry.

Recommendation & proactive support – Too many choices for reservation and holiday destinations often confuse travelers, and decision-making can become confusing and stressful. In this choice paralysis, brands can proactively assist consumers by serving relevant and compelling content to help with their indecisiveness and make the experience easier and enjoyable. 80% of travelers appreciate such informative content and recommendations from hospitality brands in their decision-making process.

Omni-channel – Throughout the customer journey, from booking to fulfillment, guests switch between devices. They tend to double-check things in more detail on laptops or desktops. Although 40% of travelers research flights and accommodation on their mobile, this drops to 21% when it comes to booking. Brands need to ensure this omnichannel experience is seamless.

Looking for answers to overcome these challenges? Acqueon can help you reimagine your company’s customer experience in the face of the rapidly changing digital landscape

Who we are

Acqueon’s AI-based conversational engagement product suite provides an incredible boost for hospitality businesses to elevate their customer engagement to the next level – both personal and conversational. From planning and booking to ongoing support and monitoring, Acqueon enables companies to capitalize on crucial parts of the customer journey and allow seamless integration across channels for the new age connected travelers. Our proactive, personalized customer engagement platform is equipped with all the right tools to manage customer-related activities such as reservations, cancellations, etc. and create a memorable holidaying experience for customers.

  • Multimodal campaigns with email/SMS trigger and auto-scheduling for travel updates and recommendations
  • Instant alerts for booking confirmation, cancellation, payments, claim updates, reminders, etc.
  • Personalized outreaches based on preferred channel and time/day of every contact.
  • Full customer journey visualization for the agents with context and recommendations for nextbest-action
  • Frictionless reservation, booking cancellation, payment options with minimum agent intervention
  • Automated validation of customer contact information to provide better Right Party Contacts
  • Ability to generate sales lists and uncover upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Advanced and centralized list management and dialing strategies for inbound, outbound and blended contacts
  • Integrated contact monitoring and digital voice/screen recording and real-time analytics
  • Accurate data and agent monitoring; on-demand and real-time reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance for DNC and consumer privacy and protection legislation; in-built data privacy and compliance tools


Our mission

Our mission is to help you deliver an exceptional, end-to-end customer experience that sets you apart. With our “fully-digital” inbound and outbound campaigns, we enable the banks to have a 360-degree of the customer relationship


What we offer

Offer the right support management anytime

With Acqueon’s built-in AI conversational model, armed with full customer journey visualization, custom alerts and recommendations for next-best-action, agents can deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospect and maximize the results. When a call is connected, agents get an instant 360-degree view of the customer journey from current products to payment behavior, purchase history, past interactions, and more. Armed with intelligence for next-best-action, agents gain the ability to present personalized offers, loans, cards, loyalty & rewards programs, based on customer propensity.

Take the lead generation and sales to the next level

Acqueon’s campaign orchestration tool enhances the lead-to-prospect conversation ratio of banks with personalized outreaches based on the preferred channel and time/day of every contact. This personalized outreach alleviates customer dissatisfaction and promotes a healthy conversation, leading to better outcomes. If several attempts at reaching the consumer via telephone fail, the Acqueon campaign throttling feature will automatically shift to an alternate contact means – perhaps text or email.

Right party connect verification

Acqueon’s Right Party Connect can seamlessly verify the consumer contact information (name, address, additional phones, additional emails, property, demographics, and phone attributes) for the identification, scoring, and segmentation of individuals. It provides the level of verification on a scale of 100 points that reflects the overall status of the ID verification and can be used to make a pass / fail decision on a given customer.

Advanced customer, operational and enterprise analytics

Acqueon’s analytics engine can perform all sorts of analyses. For instance, it can generate sales lists and uncover opportunities, based on criteria such as customers’ booking preferences, transaction history, buying propensity, location, psychographics, etc. and maximize the potential of outbound campaigns.

Predictive alerts and personalized reminders

Our predictive engine alerts the outbound dialler about the buying propensity of customers, allowing agents to add them to their outbound campaign lists. Acqueon sends instant alerts for booking confirmation, cancellation, payments, claim updates, reminders, etc.

World-class regulatory compliance & monitoring

The platform helps companies keep track of TCPA, Do Not Call List, GDPR, and internal regulations within the dashboard so that the dialler can avoid unnecessary infractions. Mobile phone numbers are automatically removed from calling lists when they appear on the Do Not Call List and outbound dialing automatically restricted to approved calling hours. The platform also features accurate data and agent monitoring, on-demand and real-time reporting, contact monitoring, and digital voice/screen recording.