A tight CRM integration has become table stakes for contact centersOver 50% of cloud contact center projects are triggered by the prior transition to the cloud of CRM application. Businesses expect a 2-way integration between the two. It gives agents access to customer profiles to better personalize the experience. It also allows them to provide back to the system of record interaction details and dispositions to keep a complete history. 

While most cloud contact center software offers pre-built connectors, CRM integrations can quickly become tedious to set up and hard to maintainThe number of workflows increases rapidly with the number of departments, processes, and campaigns to support. Each can use a different page or application, and a different combination of parameters. The event triggering the screen-pop is different between an inbound call, a preview, or a predictive one. Furthermore, interaction disposition and followup require updating different objects in the CRM application, including some to be created, such as a new contact. 

This is why we created Workflow Builder, a low-code integration solution for Acqueon Desktop and Connectors. For each workflow, whether inbound and outbound, you can use wizards to define how the integration should work. It provides an easy way to program your screen pop and after-call work and maintain your different workflows.  

Check this short2-minutevideo or contact us for a more thorough walkthrough.