Government agencies play a critical role in the lives of citizens; whether it is in the form of benefits, social programs, and services to citizens, constituents and residents, including visas & passport processing, pension, public healthcare, public safety, housing, law enforcement & social security and even a disaster response during an emergency. As consumers expect an exemplary customer experience from businesses in the private sector, citizens look forward to an equally efficient and timely service from state, local, and federal/central government agencies and departments.

Therefore, it is imperative that the people can connect with these agencies and get their inquiries answered and resolved quickly and smoothly. Thanks to the contact centers in the private sector; today’s citizens demand all government communications be intuitive, consistent and seamless across all channels – voice, chat, SMS, and all types of automated self-service, ensuring an end-to-end citizen experience. But this requires a more rigorous effort to improve the current citizen experience since citizen journeys can be long, stretching across multiple touchpoints and often lasting days or weeks.

A report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) states that satisfaction with government agencies has been declining in recent years. In 2015, satisfaction rates with federal agencies fell for the third consecutive year and were 6% lower than in 2007. A Mckinsey research in 2017 shows that federalgovernment agencies ranked last in customer satisfaction among 11 industries studied.


Eye opening facts

  • According to GovLoop, 50% of government employees feel that CX has been stagnant due to communication silos.
  • Customer satisfaction with experience is directly linked to customer loyalty.
  • Satisfied customers are more likely to upgrade or add additional services and are less likely to cancel.
  • – 65% of consumers have cut ties with an organization over a single poor customer service experience.
  • A Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.


Major challenges

Digital transformation – Government agencies across the world have to deal with mission-critical public issues daily. Due to the lack of unified digital services, they struggle with fragmented customer services and overlapping infrastructure such as telephony, network, and computing resources, etc.

Communication silos – According to a GovLoop survey, 140 government employees who are knowledgeable about CX initiatives said CX has been stagnant at their agencies, and most cite communication silos as their greatest challenge.

Flood of interactions – The sheer diversity of public requests coming in the form of calls and emails into government agencies is daunting. Because of this volume, they often fail to ensure that the level of citizen communication services rendered is consistent and of high quality.

Competition – Government and public sector institutions offer a wide range of services, but they often struggle to keep up with their private counterparts and grab more market share. It creates pressure to deliver excellent customer service quickly and meet customer expectations.

Compliance – Due to lack of budget, government agencies often cannot afford a secure communication ecosystem that serves the customers even in the times of emergency, adhering to the regulations and compliance at the same time.

Are you looking for answers to overcome these challenges? Acqueon can help you redefine the end-toend citizen experience in the face of the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Who we are

Acqueon’s AI-based conversational engagement product suite provides an incredible boost for government agencies to elevate their customer engagement to the next level – both personal and conversational. Acqueon has the right technology to connect with your constituents or citizens at your fingertips and streamline inbound and outbound citizen interactions, across multiple channels, ensuring consistent messaging and saving you the hassle of dealing with numerous vendors.

  • Multimodal campaigns with email/SMS trigger and auto-scheduling for government updates, news, etc.
  • Personalized outreaches based on preferred channel and time/day of every contact.
  • Instant alerts for citizen inquiry status, departmental updates, escalations, closure, etc
  • Survey customization through point-and-click scripting with zero agents or system downtime
  • Full citizen journey visualization with recommendations for next-best-action
  • Universal queues along with blended inbound/ outbound agents
  • Automated appointments, based on the availability and location of agents
  • Advanced and centralized list management and dialing strategies for inbound, outbound and blended contacts
  • Integrated contact monitoring and digital voice/screen recording and real-time analytics
  • Accurate data and agent monitoring; on-demand and real-time reporting
  • Increased productivity with more Right-Party Contacts
  • Regulatory Compliance for DNC and consumer privacy and protection legislation; in-built data privacy and compliance tools


Our mission

Our mission is to help you deliver an exceptional, endto-end citizen experience that sets you apart among your private counterparts. With our “fully-digital” inbound and outbound campaigns, we enable government agencies to have a 360-degree of the customer relationship and provide delightful and personalized experiences across all channels.


What we offer

Offer a seamless customer engagement – anytime, anywhere.

With Acqueon’s built-in AI conversational model, armed with full citizen journey visualization, custom alerts and recommendations for next-best-action, agents can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person, maximizing the results. When a call is connected, agents get an instant 360-degree view of the citizen journey, starting from past interactions, citizen inquiry status, departmental updates, escalations, closure, etc.

Take the lead on every agent-citizen interaction.

Acqueon’s campaign orchestration tool enhances the connect rate with personalized outreaches and enables the agents to interact and follow-up with constituents through their preferred time/day and communications channels. This personalized outreach alleviates dissatisfaction and promotes a healthy conversation, leading to better outcomes. If several attempts at reaching a citizen via telephone fail, the Acqueon campaign throttling feature will automatically shift to an alternate contact means – perhaps text or email.

Cross-channel citizen interaction management

Acqueon’s proactive, personalized citizen engagement platform provides a multi-channel contact center experience, spanning inbound and outbound voice support, live chat, email management, mobile SMS / text and IVR (for self-service). Our outbound campaign management and customer engagement software is natively integrated and extends the functionality of Cisco and Amazon contact center platforms.

Intelligent inbound call management

The intelligent call routing system sends callers to the most appropriate and available agents to ensure support efficiency by evaluating the track record of agents, their training and skill level. Acqueon can automatically schedule call-backs from agents on dates/times that are most convenient for the citizens. It avoids long queues, significantly reducing frustration.

Right party connect verification

Acqueon’s Right Party Connect can seamlessly verify the citizen’s contact information (name, address, additional phones, additional emails, property, demographics, and phone attributes) for the identification, scoring, and segmentation of individuals. It provides the level of verification on a scale of 100 points that reflects the overall status of the ID verification.

World-class regulatory compliance & monitoring

The platform helps companies keep track of TCPA, Do Not Call List, GDPR, and internal regulations within the dashboard so that the dialler can avoid unnecessary infractions. Mobile phone numbers are automatically removed from calling lists when they appear on the Do Not Call List and outbound dialing automatically restricted to approved calling hours. The platform also features accurate data and agent monitoring, on-demand and real-time reporting, contact monitoring, and digital voice/screen recording.