We are continuing our 4-part series on campaign management for customer engagement discussing omnichannel.

The ability to design outreach strategies across voice and digital channels is critical for engaging customers at all phases of their journey:

  • Multi-touch, multi-channel sales sequences lift prospecting connect rates by double-digit
  • In-person assistance of online sales triples conversion rates for non-commodity purchases
  • Customer service can use digital channels for proactive notification and give back time to associates to help customers along increasingly automated workflows
  • Collections enjoy a high single-digit improvement in paid dues by mixing reminders and in-person outreach

In finance, the modern portfolio theory showed that the combination of asset classes performs better than their aggregate individual performances. Similarly, it’s the ability to mix different channels in a workflow that increases engagement performance.

This is the second role of a campaign manager for customer engagement: orchestrating voice and digital as well as in-person and automated outreach. Acqueon lets you create campaigns that combine:

  • Voice that still reigns supreme for in-person interaction
  • IVR for agentless voice message drops
  • Messaging and SMS, bringing the convenience of asynchronous conversation for simple questions
  • Email, critical for confirmation, notifications, and disclosure
  • Bots for simple automation or information gathering, such as appointment setting

Stay tuned for part 3 and, in the meantime, you can check the features of our campaign manager here