The accelerated transition to digital is impacting sales in big ways. Traditional lead generation and prospecting activities need to be recrafted. Single-channel approaches, whether using voice or email must be replaced by multi-touch, multi-channel sequences.

Sales sequences emerged in the B2B space. The 2008 downturn triggered the evolution of the traditional field sales model. It became a mix of in-person and remote–virtual–activities. At the same time, the early stages of sales development shifted to inside sales. Both transitions hinged on the ability to leverage email, voice, and other channels to engage prospects.

A similar evolution has now started for B2C. Omnichannel sales sequences are replacing email blasts and voice-only campaigns. B2C sequences differ from B2B ones in three ways:

  • Messaging, and SMS in particular, tends to be the most effective digital channel
  • Leads are shared across sellers and distributed to available associates once connected
  • Use of power, progressive, or predictive dialing is critical to performance

Acqueon lets you implement sales sequences through contact strategies for voice, messaging, and email. On a per campaign basis, you set the sequence of channels and phone numbers to try. For each modality, you define what to do based on the result of the outreach using sophisticated retry rules or by shifting the conversation to another channel.

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