Acqueon's Sales Dialer & Campaign Manager

Get ready for the world of digital selling. Acqueon is your sales engagement solution for prospecting, rapid lead response, virtual selling, and customer retention.

Modernize Lead Generation

Take lead generation to the next level with omnichannel prospecting. Acqueon features an auto-dialer and an omnichannel workflow manager. Improve connect rates by combining voice, 2-way SMS, and email for your outreach. Acqueon also gives you a powerful campaign manager to maximize your seller’s productivity and their time talking to prospects.

Boost Speed-to-Lead

Instantly connect high-priority leads to your inside sales team. Acqueon Campaign Manager prioritizes incoming leads to assign the ones with the highest value and most likely to close to your available associates. Acqueon callback engine ensures they get contacted in the minute. You can also leverage agentless dialing to send pre-recorded messages or SMS for checking the prospect’s availability.

Virtual Selling

Turn your sales associates into personal advisors. With Acqueon, you can create personalized campaigns to manage and develop relationships with your most valuable customers at scale. Acqueon workflows enable your sellers to engage proactively over the phone and digital channels. Acqueon Desktop empowers them to become a trusted source of insight, able to provide advice on a broad set of offers.


Acqueon lets you manage the entire customer journey, including retention and loyalty. Acqueon Campaign Manager can be harnessed to handle subscription renewals, recurring purchases, and repeat businesses. But there is more! With Engagement Intelligence, you can monitor customer sentiment, analyze churn risks, and trigger retention campaigns.